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Entertainment Ghost's Friday News Bits! 7-03-2014

It was Friday! But due to some technical issues, the News Bits were delayed. Here are the Friday News Bits of this week!

Ubisoft Officially Announces Watch Dog's Release Date

Earlier, a video on was added, which was removed sometime later. The video was a new story trailer for Watch Dogs that revealed the release date for the game.

Then recently, Ubisoft has officially announced the release date and have released the new trailer as well. 

The game will be released world-wide on May 27, 2014. This is actually 6 months after the original release date, which was in November, 2013. 

Kashmiri Students in India Face Sedition Charges For Cheering on Pakistan's Victory Against India In The Asia Cup Match

A group of Kashmiri students in India is facing charges of sedition for cheering for Pakistan in a cricket match between Pakistan and India in a cricket match. 

The students were studying in a university in the Uttar Pradesh state were suspended from the college after cheering for Pakistan in the Asia Cup match where India was defeated by Pakistan.

The incident happened on the Swami Vivekanand Subharti University in the Meerut City on Sunday when the group of Kashmiri students celebrated Pakistan's victory, which lead to arguments with the other students and the university's administration ordered an inquiry and suspended the students. Some of the Kashmiri students deny any wrong-doing in their statements when talking to the media.

The sedition charges carry a three-year prison term. Jammu Kashmir's Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has stated that the charges against the students are "unacceptably harsh" and he believes that "what the students did was wrong and misguided but they certainly didn't deserve to have charges of sedition slapped against them". He also added that the punishment would "ruin their futures and will further alienate them".

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has stated that he would talk to the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and "intervene on behalf of the misguided students".

Pakistan is India's arch-rival and the matches between India and Pakistan are dramatic and intense, followed with a craze by both Pakistan and India. Kashmir has been an unsolved issue for over 60 years, with both Pakistan and India claiming it as their own, while many of the Kashmiri individuals want to be a part of Pakistan, while the rest want to be a part of neither and want to be a country of it's own.

The DirectX 12 To Be Revealed On March 20

According to DirectX's developer site, the next major version of Microsoft's DirectX API will be revealed at the GDC 2014, on March 20. The DirectX 12 will be revealed in details by the development manager for graphics at Microsoft, Anuj Gosalia in a sponsored session called "DirectX: Evolving Microsoft's Graphics Platform". 

GDC's official website features the descriptiom of the talk:
For nearly 20 years, DirectX has been the platform used by game developers to create the fastest, most visually impressive games on the planet. However, you asked us to do more. You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal and to do so on an unparalleled assortment of hardware. You also asked us for better tools so that you can squeeze every last drop of performance out of your PC, tablet, phone and console. Come learn our plans to deliver.
There are also eight talks dedicated to DirectX being planned.

Facebook's News Feed To Be Updated

Facebook has just announced that the News Feed will be getting a new update, with a comparison picture between the current News Feed and the updated one(picture above).

Facebook has stated that:
You may recall that last year we experimented with a complete redesign of News Feed for desktop and mobile. People who tested it told us that they liked the bigger photos and images, but found it more difficult to navigate Facebook overall. The updated design has the best of both worlds: it keeps the layout and navigation people liked, but offers bigger images and photos, as well as a new font. The current design on mobile remains the same. 

They've also stated that the changes are simply visual and wont affect stories and the interface except for the stories and ads being the same, and larger than now in size.

The updated News Feed will be available in the "coming weeks".

Karbonn Mobile To Launch A Dual-OS Phone Smartphone

Karbonn Mobile, an Indian phone maker, has announced plans to launch a dual-OS smartphone by this summer. The smartphone will contain the Android OS and the Windows Phone OS at the same time, giving you both Operating Systems in the same device, dual-booting both operating systems for the first time in the world.

Karbonn has already been making and releasing several Android smartphones, and according to Times of India, Karbonn has also signed a licensing deal with Microsoft for the use of Windows Phone OS.

The exact date has not yet been revealed for the release, nor many details. But it is expected to be out sometime in summer this year.

Killer Posts RIP Message On Facebook Pretending to Be Mourning The Victim

22 year old Georgina Smith and her gang tortured and killed the 30 year old Scott Blackwood. Just four days after the murder, Georgina Smith posted a RIP status on Facebook(picture of the status above), pretending to be mourning Scott Blackwood, writing that he has "always been a good mate", and even saying that she'll "make sure they get the jail fur this bud", when she and her gang of two others, 26 years old Thomas Moore and 36 year old Allan Nicol were the ones who killed Scott Blackwood themselves.

Scott Blackwood had 72 seperate injuries, which included 13 stab wounds, three broken ribs, smashed eye socket and cheekbones, chemical burns, scalds, bites and he was strangled. Pathologist Dr. Julie McAdam stated that the injuries found on Scott Blackwood's head were like those which are suffered by car-crash victims.

Murderers Allan Nicol and Thomas Moore were found guilty for murder of Scott Blackwood in Saltcoats, Ayrshire on either July 3 or July 4 on 2013. Both of them are sentenced to life imprisonment and are ordered to serve at least 20 years in jail, each. Georgina Smith is convicted of a lesser charge of culpable homicide, which will follow a five-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow and will be sentenced next month.

Screen Gems To Make A The Last of US Movie

The Screen Gems studio, most commonly known for the Resident Evil movie franchise, will be creating a movie based on The Last of US. 

Screen Gems has officially announced that they have sealed a deal to make a feature film version of the Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3-exclusive video game, The Last of Us. 

The screenplay of the movie will be written by Neil Druckmann who is the Creative Director for the video game, and he will also be producing the game along with Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures company, the man behind the original Spiderman trilogy and the Evil Dead series. Naughty Dog's Co-Presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra and the Game Director Bruce Straley will also be producing the movie.

Evan Wells has stated that: 
Our partnership with Sam Raimi, Ghost House Pictures, and Screen Gems to develop a film based on The Last of Us universe is a perfect fit. Since our game released last June, we've talked with many companies about making a film, but we couldn't have found better partners who share our creative vision and high standards. We look forward to collaborating with Sam, his team, and Screen Gems, to make a movie that will thrill fans of The Last of Us and general audiences worldwide.

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Sunday, March 09, 2014