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Entertainment Ghost's Friday News Bits! 28-02-2014

It's Friday! And here are the Friday News Bits of this week!

Scientists Create Sausages Which Include Baby Poo

So, the sausages you look above look tasty? Well, you might not think the same after you learn what this actually is. In Spain, researches have created sausages using 'probiotic bacteria' which is found is the poop of a baby.

Apparently, the researchers found that one of the bacteria from the poop of a baby was great at developing a flavour and made the sausages more nutritious.

The researches, however, haven't used actual baby poo in the sausages, but only a tiny strain of the bacteria was taken and reproduced in the dish.

The co-author of Anna Jofré, who is a food microbiologist in Spain has told LiveScience that:
Probiotic fermented sausages will give an opportunity to consumers who don't take dairy products the possibility to include probiotic foods to their diet

She also told them that they have ate the sausages and the sausages taste very good.

Facebook is closing it's e-Mail service and the Facebook Messenger for Windows

The Facebook e-Mail

Facebook will shut down it's "" e-Mail service that was released 3 years ago. 

The e-Mails that are now sent to the e-Mail will now be automatically sent to the person's personal e-Mail which the person used for his/her Facebook account.

The reason told for this is is that there weren't many people who used the Facebook e-mail address, so they have considered shutting it down.

The e-Mail service will be removed sometime in March.

The Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook has announced that the Facebook Messenger for Windows will be shut-down on March 3.

The users of the Messenger got a message saying:
We're sorry, but we can no longer support Facebook Messenger for Windows, and it will stop working on March 3, 2014. We really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends, we want to make sure that you can keep chatting and view all your messages on Learn more."

The "Learn more" link takes you to the 'Messages' page on the Help Center of Facebook. The Messenger has also been pulled off the official site. A Facebook spokesperson has told TheNextWeb that:
I can confirm that we are notifying people who use Facebook Messenger for Windows that it will no longer be available as of March 3.

The Facebook Messenger for Mozilla Firefox is also shutting down on the same date as of the Windows client, March 3.

Sony Announces The Closure of 20 Retail Stores In The U.S 

Sony Electronics has announced that it will be closing down 20 of it's retail stores in the US, which will cause a 1/3 of their employees to be fired, which are approximately 1,000 employees.

The unit of which 20 retail stores are being closed is of San Diego which makes HD Televisions.

Earlier this month, Sony Corp., which is in Tokyo, had announced plans to cut-down 5,000 jobs of Sony employees worldwide.

Mojang and Warner Bros. Are Working On A Minecraft Movie

The founder of the Mojang game studio and the main person behind the major-hit Minecraft video game, Markus Persson, has announced on Twitter that Mojang has been working with Warner Bros. Studios on a Minecraft movie. Markus Persson has leaked the movie to beat another person who was trying to leak the movie, and has announced on Twitter that Mojang and Warner Bros. are working on a potential Minecraft Movie. 

Here's the tweet:

Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection To Be Discontinued, Ending Online Play For The Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

Nintendo has announced that it will be discontinuing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on May 20.

This means that the online for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS will no longer be available, ending online play from hits like Mario Kart Wii and Pokemon games for the DS. The local multiplayer, however, will still work and so will services like the Wii Shop Channel, the DSi shop, Netflix and the YouTube apps.

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Friday, February 28, 2014