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Top Handheld Gaming Emulators of All Time

Watara Supervision


Potator is pretty much the only working emulator for the Watara Supervision. It's very easy to use and has a good compatibility. Since the console's display was monochrome-based, the emulator allows you to choose the color of the games' background.
Balloon Fight running on Potator

Potator's Interface

Atari Lynx


Handy is an Atari Lynx emulator, written in C++. It is the best emulator for the Atari Lynx and has complete emulation of all the games.

Bubble Trouble running on Handy Lynx

SEGA GameGear

Kega Fusion 

We've mentioned Kega Fusion earlier in the Top 10 Best Gaming Emulators of All Time. Why is it mentioned again? Because Kega Fusion is not only the best emulator for Sega Megadrive/Genesis/32X, but also the best Sega GameGear emulator. It has a great compatibility list and it's best feature is that, most of the emulators have quite a small screen for the GameGear games, however, on Kega Fusion you can play the game in an almost-full screen, along with the borders and a GameGear design around the screen to give you an actual feel of playing on a real GameGear, and not only that, the graphics are mostly unaffected.

Street Of Rage II running on Kega

Neo Geo Pocket Color

NeoPOP is a great emulator for NeoGeo Pocket Color games. It's best point against other NeoGeo Pocket Color emulators, is that it provides proper sound of the games, while the rest are mostly mute or the sound is glitched.

NeoPop running SNK VS Capcom

Bandai WonderSwan


WSCamp is the first Bandai WonderSwan emulator that provides proper sound and has a rich compatibility list, unlike most of the other emulators that lack sound or the sound is buggy on them. It, however, does not support a gamepad, nor can you change the keyboard buttons. But you can use Keyboard Emulators to play it with a gamepad.

WSCamp Running Guilty Gear Petit 2

Sony PocketStation


There are two emulators of the Sony Pocket Station, and out of these two, PKEmu is the one that properly works and has many games emulated. In order to play the games on this emulator, you must convert the ROMs in the emulator's supported format. Since it has a monochrome-based display, the background color is white, which does not look pretty in our opinion. The emulator is special because, Pocket Station's games are officially coming to the handheld Playstation Vita console. So if you want to experience these games without having a PocketStation or a PSVita, this emulator is where you should be.

BreakThru running on PKEmu

That's our list of the Top Handheld Gaming Emulators of All Time. What handheld consoles do you enjoy playing the games of? Feel free to ask anything and/or share your experience with us!

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Friday, December 02, 2011