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Top 10 Best Gaming Emulators Of All Time

6.Nintendo 64

Project 64

There are many emulators for the Nintendo 64, which are good, but they have bugs and demand high-performance PCs. However, the Project 64 does not demand a high-performance PC and it does not have half the bugs you can find on other emulators. It also has great graphics, sound and it has a complete controller support. You can also find 3rd-party plug-ins for the emulator.

Castlevania running on Project64

7.SEGA Saturn


SSF is the best Sega Saturn emulator around. It has the largest compatibility list, playing over 80% of known Sega Saturn games and runs the majority of the games better than the other emulators, in terms of bugs and issues. However, it requires a good graphics card that has Pixel Shader 3.0 to work, and a PC that is at least Pentium 4 class. It does not support CD-image formats, in order to run games on it, you must use an actual CD or a compatible virtual drive.

SSF Interface

Also on FreeBSD ,Linux, Mac OS X, Dreamcast, PSP, Wii

After SSF, Yabause is a decent Sega Saturn emulator. It runs many games of Sega Saturn and has many great options. It also supports ISO images.

Batman Forever running on Yabause

8.Sony PlayStaion 2
Also on Linux, Mac OS X

The PCSX2 has been in development for many years, and now it is the only working Playstation 2 emulator and it runs 80% of the PS2 games. It demands a high-performance PC to run games at the full speed. It also supports Dual Shock 2 controllers and a large number of plug-ins and configuration options.
PCSX2 running PS2 Bios

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater running on PCSX2

9.SEGA Dreamcast

Also on Wii, Pandora, Android, PlayStation 3

NullDC is the best emulator for the Sega Dreamcast. ‎Although the Makaron and ‎DEmul are more commonly known emulators for the Sega Dreamcast, but NullDC's best point is that it runs great on even low-end PCs, has a rich compatibility list, and is very easy to use with rarely any bugs. It also has great graphics and is loaded with great customization options to suit your PC's hardware. It comes with great VMU support and shows the pictures the games had for the VMU to show.

Power Stone 2 running on NullDC

10.Nintendo Wii / GameCube

Also on Linux, Android

Dolphin is the best Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii emulator. Combining the two consoles, it has a 'playable' compatibility list of 81.3% games of both the consoles, which include the major and known titles of the GC and Wii consoles. It also supports the Wiimote and can run upto 4 Wiimote(s) at the same time, and it also supports Gamecube controllers, which also goes to 4 controllers at a time. It supports PC gamepads as well, along with wireless Playstation 3 controllers, however you need the drivers to run the PS3 wireless controllers. It has turbo speed and networked multiplayer as well. It also does not require a high-performance PC, a decent PC can be used to run the games at SD resolutions, however, you would need a high-performance PC for the High Definition mode. It not only supports the 1080p resolution, but also enhances the graphics of the games, an addition. You can see an example of the HD enhancement in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 picture(running on Dolphin) below.

Dolphin's Interface

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 running on Dolphin (HD)

Which emulator is your favorite? Having trouble running the emulator(s)? Feel free to ask and/or share your experience with us!

Muhammad Junaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Thursday, December 01, 2011