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Police Strip A Family Naked and Beat Them Up In Public in India

A police officer and his team in Dankaur, a village in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, has stripped a Dallit(lower caste in India's caste system) family naked and beat them with batons in public, not even sparing the little kids, while by-standers stood and watched as it happened. The incident was recorded on video and has been circulating around the internet.

The whole incident started when Sunil Gautam, a resident of the village, went to register a complaint of theft at the police station with his family on October 7, and the police officer, Parveen Yadav, started misbehaving with a woman who was sitting in protest, despite the fact that female individuals are to be handled by other female officers, tore her clothes and beat her up. Then he and his team continued to strip the whole family and beat them up, not even sparing the kids. He also continued to drag them around the town to humiliate and beat them further.

According to a report, when officer Parveen Yadav was asked about the incident, he stated the charges against him were false and that a case had been registered against Sunil Gautam, his brother and his wife and they will all be arrested and sent to jail soon.

This is not much late after recently a mob of Hindu residents killed a man for allegedly eating beef, an accusation which was later proven to be false by a forensic report, as the meat he and his family had eaten was a lamb's. Such incidents and crimes, whether done based on caste pride or over religious intolerance, are an everyday's story in India.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Video/Punjab Spectrum

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Friday, October 09, 2015