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Entertainment Ghost's Friday News Bits! 21-02-2014

It's Friday! And here are the Friday News Bits of this week!

The Amazon Coins Are Now Out For Android Devices

The virtual currency created by the giant e-shop network Amazon, the Amazon Coins which were released last spring, are now available on Android devices which includes smartphones and tablets. The Amazon Coins, for Android, are currently released in  US, UK and Germany. This expands the number of platforms the currency is available on, which was previously available only on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

The idea of the Amazon Coins is to make the whole idea of purchasing apps more 'friendly' to the user, as Android users are somewhat less comfortable with paying with actual dollars than iOS users. So, with the virtual currency, something that has been happening in video games for a long time, is an idea to make the whole purchasing more user-friendly. The coins can be purchased directly at a 10% discount and the more coins you buy, the discount will be larger. You can also earn the coins by shopping for apps from Amazon's Appstore and they will also earn you achievements in specific titles, currently for over 3,800 apps listed.

The Amazon Coins can not only be used to buy games and apps, but will also work for in-app purchases, such as extra features and lives in games like Candy Crush.

It has been revealed by Amazon that the developers recieve a 70% share of the Amazon Coins spent on the products.

In order to use the Amazon Coins, users will need to install/update the latest version of the Amazon Appstore on their device.

100 Amazon Coins are worth $1 dollar.

Google has purchased SlickLogin, an Israeli project which is a technology that allows websites to verify a user's identity with the use of sound waves. The software is basically a replacement for passwords or can be used as an additional security method.

The software/app works by playing a uniquely generated nearly-silent sound through computer speakers, which is picked up by an app on the user's smartphone and then the software/app analyses the sound and sends a signal back to confirm the identity of the user.

SlickLogin's Or. Ori and Eran have confirmed the purchase on it's website, stating:
Today we`re announcing that the SlickLogin team is joining Google, a company that shares our core beliefs that logging in should be easy instead of frustrating, and authentication should be effective without getting in the way. Google was the first company to offer two-step verification to everyone, for free - and they're working on some great ideas that will make the internet safer for everyone. We couldn't be more excited to join their efforts.

Woman Spends £25,000 On Breast Enlargement And Has Hypnotherapy In Attempt To Become A Real Barbie Doll

A 38 year old woman from California called Blondie Bennett is attempting to become a real Barbie. Yeah, so many have tried before too. But this woman is taking the obsession to the extreme. The woman has spent £25,000 on five breast enlargements, for taking her size to 32JJ. She had chin liposuction to look more like Barbie. She also regularly has spray tans, Botox and lip fillers to have a more artificial appearance.

But that's not the part where it went extreme. Blondie Bennett wants to be "brainless like Barbie" and wants people to treat her like a "plastic sex doll". How is she going to achieve that? Well, she's having hypnotherapy once per a week to become stupid and dumb, and she says it's working and gave an example that she got lost for 3 hours while driving to her mother's house, the house where she grew up in.

She is now unemployed and earns money from online 'sugar daddies' who pay her in exchange for pictures of her dressed as Barbie.

Blondie Bennett has stated:
Some other women pretend they are human Barbie dolls but I take it to the next level. I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that. People can criticise me but this is who I am. I want my transformation to be head to toe, inside and out.

Britney Spears Fails Lip Sync On Her Live Concert

Britney Spears failed to lip-sync her song "Alien" in a live concert in Las Vegas, and the track kept playing in the background. 

It was not exactly a good moment for the fans who went to the concert because when you pay for a live concert, if not singing live, you would at least expect proper lip-sync, right? I know I would.

SEGA Loses The Shenmue Trademark

SEGA has lost the Shenmue trademark in the United States as it has been cancelled by the Patent and Trademark Office due to lack of use. The trademark page has an explanation that it happened because "registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8".

Section 8 of the Trademark Act is a regulation that requires "sworn declaration" on the "continued use" of a trader or an "excusable nonuse" to be provided between the 5th and 6th years and the 9th and 10th years after the registration. So, either SEGA did not provide the declaration for keeping the trademark or failed to give a good nonuse excuse for not using it for the years.

Microsoft Had Rejected The PlayStation 4 Exclusive Rime In The Past

Microsoft turned down the chance to own the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title "Rime", leaked documents revealed which were published by VG Leaks. Tequila Works had asked Microsoft for $3 million dollars to develop an Xbox Live Arcade called "Echoes of Siren", which is now Rime. The title was supposed to come to Xbox, Windows 8 and Windows Phone and the document describes it as "Gauntlet meets Minecraft meets Jason and the Agronauts". 

On Twitter, the Microsoft Studios' exec Phil Spencer was asked a question from Twitter user @TakuTag which stated "Why did you reject Rime?" to which Phil Spencer replied(tweet can be seen in the picture above):

"Part of Job is living with mistakes. Passed on Guitar Hero...I can list many misses regretfully. I try to focus on what we did ship"

Rime is in development for the PlayStation 4 with no confirmed release date so far, however, it was unvieled at Gamescom last year, gathering great attention.

Ex-WWE Star Big Daddy V Dies From Major Heart Attack

Big Daddy V in 2005

Ex-WWE star Nelson Frazier Jr., commonly known by his ring-name Big Daddy V, has passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 43. His blood pressure was too high and his diabetes was becoming worse due to it, so his doctors asked him to lose weight. He lost around 100lbs in 6 months according to his wife.

Nelson Frazier's wife, Cassandra Frazier told TMZ that Nelson removed most of the salt and sugar from his diet and his doctors said his blood pressure is now on a healthy level.

However, Nelson suffered a heart attack which caused his death, because the weight loss was either too fast or too late.

Nelson Frazier's wife has stated:
I guess the Good Lord wanted him... I wanted him too, but He won.

Nelson Frazier Jr. a.k.a Big Daddy V has held the WWF Hardcore Championship and WWF World Tag Team Championship and he was also the 1995 King of the Ring.

Wrestler Hulk Hogan Is Returning To WWE

Hulk Hogan in 2005

WWE star Terry Gene Bollea, 60, better known by his ring-name Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE after a 6 year absense, last appearing on the December 2007 "Raw" event. 

Hulk Hogan will return on the Monday's "Raw" event and he will also appear on the "WWE Raw Backstage Pass" which will air live on the WWE Network on Monday night.

Terry Gene Bollea has stated:
I definitely want to stay here in the WWE. I just can't see myself ever being anywhere else. This is home. It always has been home. In the twilight of my career, what a great way to be part of the final hurrah for Hulk Hogan and all the Hulkamaniacs.
 Terry Gene Bollea a.k.a Hulk Hogan is a 13-time world champion, a six-time WWF/E Champion and seven-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Fan reactions are mixed, while some praise the return, others consider Hulk Hogan too old to be a wrestler.

Dallas SWAT Department Have A Six-Hour Face-Off With An Empty Apartment

The Dallas police department responded to an injured and bruised woman's call who said she had been sexually assaulted by a group of men. The SWAT team got on the scene and had a stand-off with the apartment, urging the assaulters to "do the right thing" and surrender, however, only to find out after 6 hours of attempt of negotiation, that the apartment was empty the whole time.

A neighbor told WFAA 8 that:
She was severely beaten up. Her eye was black and her nose was broke. I was trying to do the nice thing and let her know there's a hospital over here, but she was too terrified and scared.
The neighbor then found a phone for the woman, who then told the cops that the suspects had barricaded themselves in the apartment, which lead to the six-hour stand-off with the empty apartment.

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Friday, February 21, 2014