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New Google Glass App Allows You To View Sex From Your Partner's Perspective

A new app for the Google Glass, called "Sex with Google Glass" allows the users to see themselves having sex from their partner's perspective.

At the 'Wearable Tech Hackathon' event in London, a Lebanese product-design student called Sherif Maktabi has developed an app called "Sex with Google Glass" that lets you record sex and then share it with your partner from their respective Glasses, which allows them to see the intercourse from a different perspective- their partner's.

The app keeps the video for 5 hours, and you can replay it as much as you want in that time. After the 5 hours, it is automatically deleted. To start the recording, you must say "ok glass, it's time" and to stop it, you must say "okay glass, pull out".

But that's not where it ends, the app is packed with more features. If the Google Glass is connected to household objects such as lamps/lights or a music system, you can ask the app to turn the light off, play music and even search the web for 'ideas' and positions.

The developer of the app, Sherif Maktabi has stated:
We want to change the way people experience things. We love using design and strategy to disrupt at scale. So when we asked ourselves the question "How can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?" We came up with Sex with Glass. 

Google has took action against pornographic/adult apps previously, but it is unknown if Google will let this app pass or take it down. According Sherif Maktabi, Google knows of it's existence, but he has not have a word with them yet nor have they took an action against it so far. 

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Tuesday, January 21, 2014