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Beggars of The Internet

If you live on Planet Earth, and aren't an underage Rapunzel, you are very familiar with the concept of beggars. While there are some people who are actually poor and really need money, there are many who are using this as a profession. The internet is like an alternative version of the real world. People often pretend to be another person. They can say things they'd be too shy to in real life. They can speak their opinions which if they speak in real life can cause controversy. They can be that guy that lives inside them.

And then on the internet, there are some people who choose to be something else. They choose to be beggars. Yes. Out of everything you can be on the internet, their choice is to be beggars.

What are internet beggars you ask? Well. There are many, many, different types of beggars on the internet. Some try to scare you that your parents will die. Some try to scare you that if you do not like or share their message, you will convert to a Satanist. Then there are those that plainly beg you to add them, be their friend or just like their page. Literal begging. There's also those who try to make you like a page for a person that recently died. I kid you not.

So, in this article I'll talk about some different kinds of the most common beggars of the internet.

Facebook Beggers

If you're into Social Networks, this is the most common type of beggars you'll find. The Facebook beggars will go to any extent to get likes on their pages, statuses, pictures, posts and so on. They'll want likes, comments and shares for no reason. They wont hesistate to try black mailing you. There are different kinds of begging in Facebook. Here are their types:

Your Like Will Save Lives

This kind is very dispicable. They play with the kindness in people and try to manipulate them into liking, sharing and commenting on their pictures, pages and profiles. How do they do that?

They would take pictures of sick individuals, mostly babies who are in very bad physical conditions. Then they would write something like "1 like= 1 Prayer, 1 Comment= 5 Prayers, 1 Share= 10 prayers". Then there's the type that can either be a picture, or a status that reads something like "A girl called - is very sick with cancer. She needs a treatment quick, before she dies but her parents cannot buy her the treatment. Therefore, the hospital and Facebook has got into a contract where 1 like will equal 1$ for her treatment. Please like this status and share it so she gets enough money for her treatment! Save this angels' life!". There are also those people who apparently have an elder member in the family and they post something like "My dad is a bad smoker and he is getting sick. Please help me reach 100,000 likes so that I can show my father and he would quit smoking". There must be more types of beggars who use this method of getting likes, comments and shares, but these are the ones you'll find lurking in your newsfeed.

Religious Blackmailing

So, this is the most hilarious type of Facebook begging. And even more hilarious when someone falls for it. If you use Facebook, there's always that one guy who'll be always sharing those pictures where Jesus and Satan are having a arm-wrestling moment and if you like, share and comment, Jesus will apparently win. If you ignore, Satan wins. Apparently.

So, the beggars who try to blackmail you religiously, often post pictures which have Jesus and Satan in it. Most oftenly, you'll find yourself "Like for Jesus. Share for Jesus. Comment for Jesus. Ignore for Satan.", "Like for Heaven, Share for Heaven, Comment for Heaven, Ignore for Hell", "Who would win? Like, Share, Comment for Jesus, Ignore for Satan".

You'll also find pictures where Jesus is on the cross and the description will read something like "Jesus died for your sins. Like this to pay him tribute. :'("

There will also be quotations from the Bible, Islam, Hinduism, e.t.c, which, most, aren't even real. One being apparently in EVERY religion according to Facebook, which reads "God has said "If you deny me in front of your people, I will deny you in front of mine. Please share this!"

Not to mention, there are those where apparently, Jesus or simply God, is calling YOU, and on the other hand, it is a famous celebrity like Eminem or MJ and then they'll ask you to share for Jesus/God and like for the celebrity, getting infinite shares.

Although 90% of the religious blackmailing is about Christianity, there's also Islamic blackmailing that's most likely on #2. They'd often put a picture of the Holy Kaaba, and in the other place a landmark like the Eiffle Tower, and they'll ask which place is better or "like for Kaaba, comment for Eiffle Tower", knowing that Muslims will obviously root for the Kaaba.

Family/Emotional Blackmailing

So, were you able to survive the onslaught of saving little girls or becoming an Athiest by supporting Satan by IGNORING the pictures?! Well, you're not free yet. Hahaha, not yet. Now, the beggars will target your family! "Like if you love your mother, ignore if you don't.". Same goes for father, sister, and so on. Then there are those that target elders, "Like if you love your grandmother, ignore if you want them to die".  

Talking about emotional, I once saw a guy writing a huge speech about how great Paul Walker was. Then in the end, he asked you to like a Vin Diesel fanpage "for Paul Walker". What does Paul Walker's death have to do with liking a Vin Diesel fanpage? Seriously...

Attempting to Scare The Shit Out of You

Once you have started reading this, you cannot escape. My name is Muhammad Junaid and I was kidnapped and left for dead by a flying Spaghetti monster. If you don't share Entertainment Ghost with your friends, I will choke you to death with a freakin' bubble gum.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I wont choke you with a bubble gum. That's the scenario for one of the many kinds of this begging method. You'll find comments like "Once you've started reading this there's no escape. My name is - and I was raped when I was little and then killed. Share this comment on 20 other posts, or I will find you and kill you in the next 24 hours.". Yeah, and people actually comment.

There's then the pictures of scary clowns, The Grude ghost, random scary monsters, and if you don't share these pictures, you and your family will be slaughtered or something. Yeah.

Plain Beggars Begging For Likes And Adds

So, in the end there are just simple, plain beggars. These guys would write things like "Please like my picture/status/post/page" and so on. They will message you and beg your for liking their profile pictures, statuses and cover pictures. They will go on random pages and post their shitty poetry pages with things like "hi frandzzzzz plz lik3 d1$ aw3$om3 page plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz". Then there are those who are like "Please add me add me add me plz plz plz plz plz plz". Some simply beg you to become their girlfriends/boyfriends. There are also those females who would go on sexist pages, where boys are hungry as f**k for women and they'd intentionally go there and comment "hi" so boys start going batshit insane and asking for sex tapes and crap. I'm serious. But this goes into the attention-whoring category instead. Just mentioning.

Cashing in On Your Hate

There's also the people who try to target your hate. Like, they know upto 80% users of facebook hate Justin Bieber. So they'd put 3 beloved celebrities in the picture, asking you to like, comment, and share for them. Then there's the 4th guy, say, Justin Bieber and you apparently support him if you "ignore".

Twitter Beggars

As Twitter is one of the leading social networks, obviously it has a huge number of users. As with real life, the more the population, the more the begging. The beggars at Twitter would often beg for following them, or they would randomly follow you and then ask you to follow back, and beg you for retweets.

The fun part is, not only will they ask you to do that on Twitter, but they'll actually make Facebook accounts and beg to people to follow their Twitter accounts. How desperate is that?

Google+ Beggars

These guys would, similar to Facebook where you'd have to like things, the beggars at Google+ will ask you to +1 their stuff. The things are pretty much the same as Facebook, so I wont repeat the things again, you can read them in the Facebook section. But since Google+ is rather empty, and the majority of users are forced accounts from YouTube and other Google services, they never even openned their accounts. So the begging at Google+ doesn't really get you so far.

There are many kinds of other beggars found on other websites and forums, but we're not going to go that deep. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most common platforms for begging. What are your encounters of internet beggars...or are you one too?! Share your story with us!

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Sunday, January 05, 2014