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Grand Theft Auto V: Full Reveal - Official Trailer #2, Information, Artwork and Screenshots!

Hello everyone!
Excited for new Grand Theft Auto V content? Tired of waiting?! You don't have to wait any longer! The Grand Theft Auto V full reveal is here! Check out the all new Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer #2, lots of new art work and game screenshots, along with about every piece of information you need to know about the new Grand Theft Auto, from settings to characters, characters to new features! Time to feast your eyes on the all new content!


The latest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V, heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. Set in the present day, money is a major theme in GTA V, with the debut trailer emphasizing the stark contrast between poverty and luxury. The game will release in Spring 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, while the game will be out for PC too, the release date is unknown. Grand Theft Auto V is the first GTA since the original Grand Theft Auto where the player takes control of multiple characters. The game also features dogs, for the first time. They might be connected to missions, where they might trouble you into passing through them, or they might aid you as well.

A unique switching system allows the player to switch between characters almost instantly and at any time when off-mission. A number of missions will involve all three protagonists allowing you to switch between them to play different parts of the mission. So you can be switching between a heliopter pilot, a sniper and the man on the ground meaning that you're always in the action. The multiplayer will be more focused on by the developers this time, while there will be no co-op missions for the main game, there will be co-op modes in the multiplayer.

GTA V is taking a bold new direction with the series. Rockstar has introduced three playable protagonists that you are able to play as throughout the game anytime, anywhere with a pressing, or click, of a button. When you opt to switch to a character a Google Earth-like view appears and goes up into a bird's eye view camera, and looks down on the player you selected to play as and zooms in on them. You can access any of the three protagonists off-mission with free-roam, but you cannot access them on-mission (once you are in the mission you can still switch, but only for unique objectives).

Each character has their own unique story-arch, likeness, personality and and lives when you're not controlling them. So for example, if you are playing as Michael... Trevor could be leading a seperate life off camera to what you are doing with MichaeEach character has their own unique story-arch, likeness, personality and and lives when you're not controlling them. So for example, if you are playing as Michael... Trevor could be leading a seperate life off camera to what you are doing with Michael.

GTA V's game world is said to be bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined! There is also a fully explorable Mount Chilliad returning from San Andreas, a military base, a Salton Sea region, Wine County, Wilderness and a fully explorable ocean along the coastline of Los Santos. There are also underwater caves that you are also able to explore whilst underwater.

The three protagonists:
  • Michael is a retired bank robber, who made a deal with the FIB and is currently in the witness protection program.
  • Lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills (based on real-life Beverly Hills).
  • Married to wife Amanda, and has a teenage daughter named Tracy and teenage son Jimmy.
  • Has an awkward father-son relationship, his kids and wife spend most of his money and is in a bit of a crisis and is pulled back into crime through this.
  • He's the brains of them all. He's a "smooth operator," skilled and the leader figure.

  • Former military pilot.
  • Lives in a trailer in Blaine County (desert).
  • Used to work a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day.
  • Drug-dependent.

  • Early 20s, works at a luxury car dealership.
  • In the demo, he was driving around Vespucci Beach in his 9F (equivalent to Audio R8).
  • He goes hustling now and then, and during one of these events it's how he met Michael (through a repo job).
  • He's a skilled driver and sniper.
  • Michael is his mentor

The all-new features:
  • You can flip off other characters in the game, and see interesting results dependent on who you're flipping off.
  • Vehicle physics have been updated. "The cars hold to the ground a bit better". It now feels more like a racing game, compared to GTA IV where they felt "big and boatlike".
  • Ammu-Nation returns!
  • A lot of new side activities, including yoga, jet sking, base-jumping, tennis and golfing on a full golf course!
  • Rockstar felt that dating wouldn't fit in this game and have stripped this feature.
  • Bowling, Strip Clubs, Live comedy, Internet cafes and in-game TV make a return.
  • Mobile phone will return, but friends won't be calling as often as they did in GTAIV. It will be more streamlined and used for things like emails and Internet browsing.
  • Random character encounters throughout the map, much akin to those in GTAIV - but this time there's a greater variety and they're fully motion captured.
  • Dynamic missions, similar to Red Dead's "Random World Events" make a return. Examples include characters with broken down cars, a hitch hiker, or two parked cars with dead bodies around them - which you can investigate to initiate dynamic missions.
  • Dynamic "state machines" were coded in the game, allowing non-playable characters to go about their daily lifes. For example, you may see gardeners and cleaners waiting at the bus stop in the morning, and then find them tending the gardens and houses in the game's fictional Beverly Hills later on in the day.
  • Side-missions similar to Taxi, Ambulance and Vigilante will be back but "probably not identical to the ones in previous GTAs" because they wouldn't fit in with the 3 main character personalities, but the "three will have odd jobs to do".
  • Mission types will vary among "big and small events , explosive, infiltration, super spectacular, family, invasion, hostage recovery, heists and robberies. Plus classic GTA missions but updated and improved."
  • Cover mechanics have been greatly improved and cover will be very important in the gameplay.
  • About the economy, Dan Houser says: "You will be able to spend money to buy interesting and fun things like expensive toys. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. Something along the lines of "I went through all of this to make all this money and now I'm going to spend it on this crazy item."
  • Dynamic music during missions (similar to games like L.A. Noire)
  • No co-op for single player missions, but co-op modes will be featured in multiplayer.
  • Big focus on multiplayer with a lot of content to keep players busy.
  • Switching in missions partially scripted - meaning, at times character switching will happen automatically.
  • There are multiple different endings in the storyline which depend on the choices you made throughout the game.
  • The storyline takes around 25 hours to complete.

The all-new Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer #2:

All new Grand Theft Auto artwork(click to enlarge any image):
One of the three protagonists, Michael.

Official Grand Theft Auto V artwork with the three protagonists, Trevor(left), Franklin(middle) and Michael(right).

One of the three protagonists, Franklin, along with a guard dog, which might be a new GTA addition.

One of the three protagonists, Trevor.

All-new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots(click to enlarge any image):

That's all about Grand Theft Auto V revealed so far. And it's enough to prove that this game is going to be a huge improvement and an all-new Grand Theft Auto experience like never before, and as Rockstar said, Grand Theft Auto V takes the series to ''a bold new direction''!

Leave your comments, suggestions, opinions and issues in the comments section below!
~Muhammad Junaid~


Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Wednesday, November 14, 2012