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The Sims Social Review

Hello Readers.
I have been checking out several online video games. This one has really caught my attention. Here is a review about the game:
The Sims Social

FormatAdobe Flash
PublisherEA Games
Release date August 9, 2011
GenreDating sim, Life simulation, Social simulation

The Sims Social is a browser game which is available on Facebook. It is based on Flash. The game features a new Social system. Allowing players to add fellow The Sims Social players as your neighbours. Your Sim can become friends, enemies and lovers with the other Sim. Most of the quests require lots of stuff. You can ask your neighbours to help you out by sending you things to complete your quests and then you can help them as well. The game also has a new ''Energy'' bar. Which is drained with activities, such as earning money and doing tasks required to complete a Quest. The game is basically free, though some items are restricted to only ''Sim Cash''. The game provides you with 20 Sim Cash by default. After that you have to buy Sim Cash with real money, or wait for 5 days to get Sim Cash for free by ''Daily Bonuses'' which are random in amount, another way is to wait for special giveaways, which are usually given as a ''sorry'' for technical difficulties, though there was over 100 Sim Cash given when the game was new. Sim Cash is also used to ''Skip'' several tasks which you don't want to do, usually in Quests. The game requires lots of time from  the players, such as running out of energy and waiting for it to recharge, or asking your friends to send you 1 energy which doesn't last longer then a few seconds. The game doesn't have ''Pause, Forward'' buttons. The game also uses ''Real'' time instead of fast game time. It counts real minutes and hours. The game also features some cool ''Traits'' to choose from, making it fun to play the game. There is also a ''craft'' section, in which you collect several things and combine them to create potions and energy boost ups. There are many types of Traits, one of them are Ninja, giving your Sim Ninja skills, such as teleporting and running very fast.

The Pros:

  • Adding real neighbours raises the fun, being able to compete with them.
  • Simple graphics and gameplay mechanics makes The Sims Social very fun to play.
  • The Sims Social does not require any high specifications to enjoy it.
  • The game is able to give you ''The Sims'' feel.
  • New gameplay mechanics are fun to play with.
  • Cool ''Traits'' to choose from.

The Cons:

  • Lots of ''Share'' pop up's makes the game annoying.
  • The game requires very much time to complete tasks, thus making you feel that you need Sim Cash so you could skip the tasks.
  • Some tasks cannot be completed without the help of 3-4 neighbours, you cannot play the game alone.
  • The game uses real time instead of game time, making you wait for even 24 hours for some quests, thus making the game boring.
  • The new gameplay machenic ''Energy'' makes the game boring and annoying several times, it is drained very quick and after it is drained, you cannot do anything other then eat, sleep and a few other things. You can either ask friends, which can take more time then the time you would use the energy. Or buy it with Sim Cash, making the game annoying for those who do not want to spend real money.
  • Many bugs make the game less fun, EA doesn't fix bugs much. One of the most notable bugs is that the game doesn't load completely. Thus many other bugs make the players despaired, not being able to complete special tasks which are limited to a few days.
After all the downsides, the game can still deliver a good time, though EA really needs to fix several things. Considering it a free and simple browser game, it is fun to play with friends, though you cannot play solely without spending loads of your real money.

6 out of 10
''Fun to play''

The Sims Social Launch Trailer:


Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Monday, December 05, 2011