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The Most Awaited Games of 2012: Part 1

As we all know, there are many major games coming next year, some of them have been awaited since this year. Here are some of the most awaited games of 2012!

1.Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3/Xbox 360) :

Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Platforms: Arcades, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Dates:
Arcade---September 14, 2011
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3---Holidays, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the successor to the 1999 Tekken game, Tekken Tag Tournament. The game features many new elements, new gameplay and loads of new moves. The gameplay is different by that of Tekken 6, focusing more on Tag Battles. The game is non cannon, it does not contain a plot. The game has a great character rooster, featuring the return of Ogre, Unknown and Jun along with a new character ''Jaycee'' which is a disguised Julia Chang. The game was released in Arcade on September 14, 2011 whereas the console release is expected to be in the holidays of 2012. This game is a must have for Tekken fans!

2.Street Fighter X Tekken

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: March 2012

Tekken X Street Fighter is the ultimate cross-over video game which would feature characters from both the Street Fighter and Tekken Series. Since the game is being developed by Capcom, the gameplay will be very similar to Street Fighter IV, including the ex combo's and other gameplay elements. The players will be able to choose characters from both the franchises. The game will feature 6-button controls, but it is said that the Tekken characters will be able to perform Tekken style combo's with 4-buttons. The game also features a tag system which has rules similar to that of ''Tekken Tag Tournament''. Fans have many expectations for this game!

3.BioShock Infinite

Developer: Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date: 2012

BioShock Infinite is the third game in the BioShock series. It features a whole new plot, it isn't a directly sequel or prequel to BioShock games. BioShock Infinite takes place on the steampunk air-city of Columbia. The game features similar game elements and the game is First Person Shooter as the previous games. The game features a whole new plot which isn't related to Rapture.

4.Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator in PSP)

Ubisoft Paris
Ubisoft Red Storm
Next Level Games (Wii)
Virtuos (PSP)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Release Date: March 2012

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is an third-person shooter game. It is the fourth installation, including Expansions. The game will be a futuristic take on the Ghost Recon series. The game was supposed to be released for Windows, but it was cancelled due to piracy. The game looks very great and fans are waiting a lot for it.

5.Diablo III

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Mac OS X
Release Date: 2012

Diablo III is the third instalment in the Diablo series. It is a dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing.  The game contains hack-n-slash and dungeon crawl elements. Diablo III is similar to Diablo II, containing the same gameplay as of its beloved predecessor. Diablo fans should definitely get this!

6.The Darkness II

Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date: February 7th, 2012

The Darkness II is the sequel to the 2007 Darkness. The gameplay of The Darkness II is similar to its predecessor, but it contains many new elements and changes, the most notables are, a new tactic called ''Quad Wielding'', it will allow the player to use the Darkness and firearms at the same time. The game focuses more on Darklings, being just one primary Darkling, the Darkling will be now more involved in the story and will be useful in many situations. The game looks really interesting and a great sequel to The Darkness.

These are the some of the most awaited games of 2012. This is the part 1, part 2 will be out soon so stay tuned!

~Muhammad Junaid~


Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Wednesday, December 21, 2011