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How To Create A Vanity URL For Google+ Profile

Hello Readers.
If you are using ''Google+'' and want a short username for your profile, like in Facebook. Google used to provide that service, but they stopped it, so Google isn't providing any survices like that now, but they may start it again. Google+ url's are very long and it is in numbers so it's hard to share it. Currently, there is a very popular way of making your url short these days, it isn't official, but it is very popular with Google+ users. Here's the method:

Step 1:
Login to your Google+, then go to your Google+ profile(by clicking your name/picture) and then copy your profile ID from your browser address bar. Your profile ID will look like this:

Step 2:

Go to, then add your desired name in the "Nick Name" section.

Step 3:
Paste your profile ID in the "Your Google+ ID" section and then click on "add", you will then see your shortened url.
Click On The Picture For A Larger View 
~Muhammad Junaid ~

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Monday, December 05, 2011