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How To Create Google Custom Search (Advance Guide)

Hello Readers.
Google Custom Search Engine is a great tool for your sites/blogs which allows you to create a custom search engine for your site/blog. It will only search and find results which you want it to. It is a fast and powerful search. It is fully customizable. You can use it however you want to, customize it, put links, ad's and limit it to your favourite searches. I created this post in 2 steps. 1st steps gets you to make your Google Custom Search, and it will be fully working. The second step is about ''Advance Customization'' for your search, guided by step-to-step guide.

What You Need?

1.Google Account
2.Google Analytics Account (Optional)

Step 1:

Open Google Custom Search Site , Click On "Create a Custom Search Engine".
Now you will see a page called "Set up your search engine".
Fill the form on the page as shown in the screenshot and the guide below:
Click To Zoon

  • Add title of your custom search engine (it will show up in the title bar).
  • Add description for your search page.
  • Add sites, individual pages ( , entire sites (
  • Parts of sites (
  • Select your preferable language.

Select an edition:

Google Custom Search Engine is available in two types.

Free Edition: In free edition Google will show ads on your search result page.

Paid Edition: You need to pay $100 per year, you will get additional options and Ads are not shown next to search results.


If you created your ''Search Engine'' for a non-profit organization, university or government agency, then Google will remove ads from your search, you wont have to buy the Paid Edition then.

Read Google Custom Search Engine Terms and tick the ''checkbox'' if you agree with the Google terms of service. Now click on next.

Step Two:

In next page you will see your search bar and Search theme Customize options.

Test your search engine by searching your site content on it, and click "Customize" button to edit the colours and look. Click Next.

Step 3:

In the next page, you will see your search engine code, copy the code and past it in your site/blog.

Advance Options:

You can edit your site listing, and anything after creating your search.

Open Google Custom Search Site and click on manage your existing search engines. Click on your search control panel, you will see several options. 

Note: You will see many options in the ''Control Panel'', but I will only discuss about the special and main options in this article.

Some of the major options of ''Control Panel'':

In basics you can rename your search, change description, enable translation and you can add keywords for your search.
Don't forget to add some major keywords for your custom search engine.


In sites you can remove/add sites.


Refinements is similar to a label system. You can add as many refinements or labels as you want to narrow visitor search experience.

Adding a sitemap:

Go to control panel, click on "Indexing"  in sitemap URL bar and add your sitemap and then click "Index Now".

Tracking Users:

If you want to know how users use your search or their information such as User's Country/OS/Browser/Clicks, you need to add Google Analytics in your search.
Go to ''Control Panel'' and click on "Google Analytics" and then enable your Google Analytics. If you don't have Google Analytics account,  Click Here to create one.
In order to enable Google Analytics in search, you need to configure your Profile settings in Google Analytics. (How To Set up Site Search For Profile).

Adding your logo in search results page:

You can add your site/company logo in search results page.
Go to control panel click on "Look and Feel" in "Choose a layout" section. Choose Google-Hosted theme and choose the style you want and then click on "Logo" and add your Logo URL.
(Make sure your logo height is maximum 100 Pixels).

Adding a Promotion:

If you want to show something special, like a special link in your search result page, go to ''Control Panel'' click on ''Promotion'' and then click on "Add" enter queries in first bar. In second bar add title you want to show. In third bar add target link. Now click "Ok"
(You can set promotion for lifetime).


Synonyms is great way to strengthen your customized search engine more by adding similar words that have the same meaning.

Embedding Search in HTTPS :

You can embed your search in HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

Go to control panel click on "Get code" in ''Specify Site'' details and choose HTTPS.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to ask.
~Muhammad Junaid~

Muhammad Junaid

Muhammad Junaid is the writer of Entertainment Ghost. He writes articles, reviews, previews and entertainment news about gaming, technology, the media and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr_MJunaid and Facebook MJunaid

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Published On Entertainment Ghost At Thursday, December 15, 2011